Ohio Online Legal Forms

We strongly encourage you to consult with a lawyer for specific answers to your personal legal problems.  These online forms provide general information and not legal advice.  The law is complex and changes frequently.  Before you apply this information to a particular situation, call Pro Seniors’ free Senior Legal Hotline or consult an attorney in elder law.

Because these online forms reside on a third-party website, clicking on a link to an online form will open a new window and cause you to leave Pro Seniors' website.  Pro Seniors cannot endorse nor vouch for the accuracy or currency of any website other than Pro Seniors.  The online form creation process is an online interview session where the user inputs information that results in a personalized form that can be saved and printed. 

After clicking a link to an online form, you will see the GET STARTED screen.  Click the PROCEED button to begin the online interview.  You do not have to login to the website to start creating your document.

  • Statutory Financial Power of Attorney - This links to an explanatory page on
         Pro Seniors' website.
  • Simple Will - This online interview creates a very simple will.  It does not cover all
         possible scenarios.
  • Advance Directives - This links to an explanatory page on Pro Seniors website
         for a Living Will and a Health Care Power of Attorney.
  • Directivas Anticipadas del Estado de Ohio Entrevista en Espanol for Ohio.
         This online interview creates an Advance Directives Spanish version.
  • Civil Protection Order - Use this online template to create a Petition for Domestic
         Violence Civil Protection Order and other related documents needed to start the
         process to obtain a civil protection order (CPO).
  • Expungement Eligibility - Use this online template to help determine your
         eligibility to seal your prior criminal record.
  • Juvenile:  Affidavit of Compliance - This online interview will gather the information
         needed to complete a UCCJEA Affidavit.  A UCCJEA affidavit must be filed in
         any action involving custody, child support, or visitation of a minor child.



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