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Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Pro Seniors’ long-term care ombudsmen are advocates for seniors and ensure that they are being treated with respect in their long-term care situation.

Long-term care ombudsmen are client-focused advocates. With the client’s permission, we handle complaints about long-term care services and act as a go-between, voicing the needs and concerns of the clients to nursing homes, home health agencies, and other providers of long-term care.

How Ombudsmen Help

Protect Your Rights

In a nursing home or residential care facility, you have the same rights you’ve always had.  For example, you have the right to privacy, the right to choose your care and treatment, and the right to know your medical condition.

You also have the right to leave, and the right to stay.  Read your rights regarding an involuntary discharge from a nursing home and see how nursing homes can avoid involuntary discharges.

If your rights are being disrespected or ignored in any way, please call the Ombudsman Helpline at 513-458-5518, or email helpline@proseniors.org and put “Helpline” as the subject.

Valuable Resource

Ombudsmen also link seniors to needed services or agencies so that they may live more productive, fulfilling lives.

Long-term care ombudsmen can help you understand the process of selecting long-term care and provide information about related benefits and insurance.

Ombudsman Helpline: 513-458-5518 or helpline@proseniors.org (please put Helpline as the subject)

Pro Seniors Service Area

Pro Seniors’ service area includes Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, and Warren counties in Southwest Ohio.  If you are an Ohio resident outside of these counties, please see the Department of Aging listing.  If you don’t live in Ohio, please see this listing.

Ombudsman Mission

As mandated by the Older Americans Act and Ohio law, the mission of the long-term care ombudsman program is to seek resolution of problems and advocate for the rights of home care consumers and residents of long-term care facilities with the goal of enhancing the quality of life and care of consumers.  This work is supported by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

Ombudsman Helpline: 513-458-5518 or helpline@proseniors.org (please put Helpline as the subject)

“[Our ombudsman] did his homework on the law, interviewed the patient and family and was very well prepared to interact with a needlessly hostile administration.  He advocated at the highest level for a person who could not advocate for himself.”
~Alan, thank you letter

Rhonda Y. Moore Fellowship

Your gift to #CincinnatiGives will help to establish the Rhonda Y. Moore Fellowship, to engage students/recent graduates in hands-on learning with our attorneys, ombudsmen and administrative staff, to continue the important work of Pro Seniors.  Funds raised will provide a stipend to the selected fellow in support of their service hours for Pro Seniors.

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