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Ohio SMP Is Seeking Volunteers

Are you interested in the well-being of older adults?  Would you like to help seniors stay safe from fraud?  If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to join our team of volunteers. 
We educate persons receiving Medicare on how to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

What:     Volunteer Training - (Registration is required)
See our Volunteer Opportunities Webpage
Jane Winkler at (513) 458-5523, or via email:  jwinkler@proseniors.org.


SMP's Personal Health Care Journal

Use the Personal Health Care Journal to record your medical appointments, medical/health record and any explanation for health care prescribed by your physician or health care professional.  Carry the journal to all your healthcare visits and take the journal when you travel in case of an emergency.

Due to the many requests for Ohio SMP's Personal Health Care Journal, we have now added it to our web site in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Click here to open and print -------->   Personal Health Care Journal

Ohio SMP Is Seeking Volunteers

Did you know that one out of every seven Medicare dollars goes to fraud, waste and abuse? That Medicare fraud, waste and abuse cost you and me $60 billion year?

To help address this national problem, Pro Seniors receives funding from the Administration on Aging for its Senior Medicare Patrol.  Named Ohio SMP, this project helps older Americans be wiser health care consumers.  Seniors are taught to recognize the red flags of Medicare fraud and identity theft to help keep them safe from these crimes and lower the billions of dollars thrown away each year.

At the heart of Ohio SMP are volunteers who are often retirees.  They educate groups of older Americans about illegitimate Medicare practices through presentations in the community and/or distributing literature at senior/health fairs.  Volunteer opportunities may be found in the volunteer's own community at churches, retired professional organizations, social groups and other locations where seniors gather. In addition, Ohio SMP has had a long-term collaboration with OSHIIP (Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program) whereby SMP staff contact volunteers to participate in its events. We also have strong ties to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office so that both organizations can work to strengthen each other’s efforts to reduce the number of scams aimed at seniors.

Anyone Ohioan interested in volunteering may contact Jane Winkler at jwinkler@proseniors.org or
1-800-488-6070.  Click here for our Volunteer Application Form.


Ohio SMP Information for Current Volunteers

SMP Volunteer Mileage Form

SMP Volunteer Activity Report Form




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