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Advance Directives

Ohio’s Advance Directives 2008 version are available in a self-guided interview process that results in a personalized Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will that can be saved and printed.

Even though Ohio now has a 2014 advanced directives version, the 2008 version can still be used and will be considered legal.  See what changed in the updated 2014 version of Ohio’s advance directives which are available below.

Advance Directive Forms

Ohio Complete 2014 Advance Directives Kit

Description of March 2014 Changes

Advance Directives Wallet Cards

Advance Directive Letter to Agent

Ohio 2014 Health Care Power of Attorney Form

Pro Seniors’ Health Care Power of Attorney Pamphlet

Kentucky Advance Directives

Indiana Advance Directives Resource Center

Ohio 2014 Living Will Form

Pro Seniors’ Living Will Pamphlet

Ohio Do Not Resuscitate Form

DNR Bracelet Insert

DNR Wallet Identification Card

Pro Seniors’ DNR Pamphlet

Ohio Anatomical Gift Form

LifeCenter Organ Donor Network

Mental Health Treatment Form

In October 2003, a law permitting a Declaration for Mental Health Treatment became effective. This mental health declaration allows you to state your own preferences regarding your mental health treatment and to name a person to make mental health care decisions for you when you cannot make these important decisions for yourself.

Those who would benefit from having such a document include people who have been diagnosed with mental illness and people who find themselves or may find themselves in circumstances that would warrant a mental health declaration, including those of advanced age or those who have developed an illness that likely will include a mental component as it progresses.

Declaration for Mental Health Form

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Publication: Advance Psychiatric Directives