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Join Pro Seniors' Helpline Referral Attorney Panel

If you are an Ohio attorney looking for a way to give back, the Helpline Referral Attorney Panel (HRAP) may be for you.

As a HRAP panelist, you agree to accept referrals for clients who need more service than the counsel and advice that our Legal Helpline can provide over the phone. These vetted clients need more personal attention, such as transactional documents, filing a lawsuit or estate planning.

Pro Seniors’ Legal Helpline offers free legal advice to Ohioans age 60 and older. While many problems can be solved over the phone, some cannot. That’s why the HRAP was created.

Today, the HRAP has attorneys throughout Ohio who have agreed to accept Legal Helpline referrals on full, reduced, contingent or pro bono fee basis.  When appropriate, the Legal Helpline also refers clients to local legal aid offices and other community resources available to assist them.

As an Attorney, How Do You Qualify?

• Be, and continue to be, an attorney in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio;

• Maintain an office separate and distinct from any other business or residence;

• Be actively engaged in the private practice of law;

• Carry, and continue to carry, professional liability insurance equivalent to at least $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 in the aggregate, which insurance is acceptable to Pro Seniors;

• Represent clients in a professional and businesslike manner in all respects;

• Meet the minimum CLE credits in areas of expertise indicated; and

• Abide by HRAP rules and procedures.

In addition to fee-paying clients, you are entitled to:

Legal Fact Sheets: You can receive, at no charge, pamphlets prepared by Pro Seniors on areas of elder law; and

Elder Law Consultations: Call Pro Seniors’ staff attorneys, who practice exclusively in elder law, for technical assistance on behalf of your HRAP and non-HRAP clients.

It’s easy! Mail, email or fax the following to Pro Seniors:

• Your completed registration form;

• The declarations page of your professional liability insurance; and

• A check for $75 payable to Pro Seniors, Inc.

If you prefer the convenience of paying online with a credit card, the $2.72 credit card processing fee will be added to your total cost. Pay your HRAP Registration Fee online.

More details about HRAP are available here.

For answers to any questions you may have, please call our Helpline Managing Attorney, Mike Walters, at (513) 458-5532.

Thank you for your interest.

Ohio attorneys:  help to Bridge the Justice Gap  – join our referral panel.