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Prevent, Detect & Report Fraud



Report suspected Medicare errors, fraud and abuse!​

We can help you determine if there is fraudulent activity on your Medicare account.​

How Can I Detect Medicare errors, fraud, scams or abuse?​

Even when you do everything right, there is a chance you could be a target of health care fraud. There are a lot of ways that your personal information can be used without your permission.​

Here are some steps you can take to detect potential errors, fraud and abuse:​

  1. Always review your Medicare Summary Notices and Explanations of Benefits for mistakes. Access to your current Medicare account is available 24 hours a day at​
  2. Compare your Medicare Summary Notices and Explanations of Benefits to your personal health care tracker to make sure they are correct. Contact us for a free Healthcare Tracker.​
  3. Look for three things on your billing statement:​
    • Charges for something you didn’t get,​​
    • Billing for the same thing twice, and​​
    • Services that were not ordered by your doctor.

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