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The attorneys at Pro Seniors have years of experience in elder law. Because this is our specialty, we know a lot about Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, long-term care, pensions, and lots of other issues that affect seniors. You will get excellent advice and peace of mind from working with our attorneys.

Our legal help includes:

• Information, advice and counseling
• Representation beyond information, advice and counseling
• Lawyer referral

The Ohio Department of Aging, in alignment with priorities outlined in Ohio’s 2023-2026 State Plan on Aging, is partnering with Ohio’s established Legal Helpline provider, Pro Seniors, to create and distribute a series of newsletters that will inform legal assistance providers and other stakeholders about current legal issues impacting older Ohioans.

Read the July 9th newsletter.

Provides free legal information, advice, and referral for residents of Ohio age 60 and over, regardless of income or resources. Call (513) 345-4160 to set up an appointment.

Provides information and guidance related to pensions and retirement benefits. Call Pension Rights Intake at Elder Law of Michigan (ELM) at 866-735-7737.

Provides advice about preventing financial exploitation and helps resolve the legal problems caused by financial exploitation. Call (513) 345-4160 to set up an appointment.

“You were an anchor for me when my siblings and I were juggling so many issues regarding [Mom’s] finances and health and needing correct information to make good decisions. You and Pro Seniors were a rescue for us and continue to know this is one organization that is a great resource and a true value to the community.”

Donna, thank you letter