Pro Seniors' Board of Trustees


Chad S. Levin, J.D., President   

Julie Tarvin, J.D., Vice President 

Thomas R. Meyer, CPA (inactive), Treasurer 

Helen Fanz LeVay, J.D., Secretary  

Simon T. Buchman, CFP  
Ashley Shannon Burke, J.D.
Christine A. Buttress, J.D.
Nancy M. Cassady
Mary Lynn Creighton, J.D.

Cynthia D. Durkin, CPA
Joshua Goode, J.D.
Jill Gorley, LSW
Michael Kennedy
Sandra Jones Mitchell

Esther M. Norton, J.D.
Dr. Tyra Oldham
Ryan O’Leary
Candis Smith
Jami Vallandingham, CPA

Pro Seniors’ Staff

Dimity V. Orlet, J.D., Executive Director

Administrative Staff Team

Katie Chisholm, Administrative Assistant

Mary Day, Development Director
IT Director & IT Specialist           

Melissa Lake,  Intake Specialist
James Sheline,  Intake Assistant

Legal Team

Miriam H. Sheline, Managing Attorney
Michael A. Walters, Helpline Managing Attorney
Susan Ayers, Helpline Attorney
Matthew B. Barnes, Staff Attorney
Christopher Bazeley, Helpline Attorney

Colleen Bulach, Helpline Attorney 
Erin Campbell, Staff Attorney
Karen S. Donnelly, Staff Attorney
Joel Deutch, Helpline Attorney
Laura L. Drake, Helpline Attorney
Tracye Hill, Staff Attorney
John Labmeier, Helpline Attorney 

Louise M. Roselle, Helpline Attorney
Rose E. Scollard, Staff Attorney
Gloria Sigman, Helpline Attorney
Thomas Straus, Helpline Attorney
Erika Van Ausdall, Helpline Attorney
Vanessa Wernicke, Helpline Attorney

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Team

Linda Kerdolff, Omb. Program Director
S. Eric Carpenter, Ombudsman Specialist & Intern Supervisor
Susan Bell, Ombudsman Specialist
Shannon Bryant, Ombudsman

Carolyn King, Ombudsman Specialist 
Dixie Koenemann, Ombudsman 
Carla Mason, Ombudsman Specialist
Deborah Redell, Ombudsman Specialist
LeVon Pressley, MyCare Ombudsman 

Stephanie Reardon, Ombudsman Specialist
Nick Stockburger, Volunteer Coordinator
Marvin Wilson, Ombudsman Specialist

Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol Team

Cathy Rafales, Project Manager
Renee Buchanan, Marketing & Communications Manager
Lisa Dalga, Outreach Specialist
Marihelen Gallagher, Project Associate
Susan Marshall, Outreach Specialist
David Phillips, Volunteer Coordinator.

Chad S. Levin, J.D., President   

Julie Tarvin, J.D., Vice President 

Man with white hair wearing red necktie and light blue shirt.

Thomas R. Meyer, CPA (inactive), Treasurer 

white female with blonde shoulder-length straight hair, wearing black blazer over red blouse

Helen Fanz LeVay, J.D., Secretary