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Unfortunately, fraud is everywhere and scammers are trying new tactics everyday. Most all of us have been contacted by fraudsters in some way. Information is power – educate yourself about common tactics and trust your instincts.  Remember: do not give out your Medicare number, Social Security number or other personal information to anyone you do not know.

What Should You Do?

Prevent Fraud with Your Medicare Summary Notice

Protect Yourself from Ambulance Fraud

2022 Consumer Protection Fraud Forum​

Listen to a replay of the Fraud Forum and hear from a panel of experts representing: Office of the Ohio Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ohio Department of Insurance, Social Security Administration and more.

Avoid Scams​

Each year, billions of dollars are lost to medical identity scams. Your Medicare number is like gold! Protect it like you would a credit card.

 Tips for Protecting Yourself and Medicare

Ambulance Services
Consumer Tip Sheet

Tips for Protecting Yourself and Medicare

Pharmacy/Prescriptions Fraud​

 Tips for Protecting Yourself and Medicare 

Home Health Care Scams

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