Your MyCare Ohio Ombudsman

MyCare Ohio is a managed care program for Ohioans who receive both Medicare and Medicaid benefits. The program is administered by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). 

In southwest Ohio your MyCare Ombudsman is LeVon Pressley.  She is dedicated to answering your questions and helping you navigate this program. Learn more about LeVon here.

Contact your MyCare Ohio Ombudsman LeVon at 513-458-5536 or

If you live elsewhere in Ohio, you can click here to find MyCare Ohio information for your county.

This brochure may help you make the most of your MyCare Ohio benefits.

Learn more about the MyCare Ohio Ombudsman role and hear from caregivers who have worked with LeVon to resolve concerns in these brief videos on our YouTube channel.

1 - Introduction to MyCare Ohio Ombudsman
2- Meet a Caregiver, Brenda
3 - Working with your MyCare Care Manager
4 - Pam is a Caregiver, too.
5 - Working with the MyCare Ombudsman to resolve problems.

How does MyCare Ohio Work?

Approved MyCare Ohio Plans provide integrated benefits to Medicare and Medicaid enrollees in 29 counties in Ohio.

Plans include all standard benefits available through traditional Medicare (Medicare parts A, B), plus coverage that would be provided by a Medicare Advantage (managed Medicare) plan, and Medicaid programs, including:

   (1) Doctor and hospital visit,     

   (2) Mental health services, and

   (3) Long-term care services provided in nursing, assisted living facilities or in the home (via services such as home-delivered meals, medical transportation, and help with personal care).

A single identification card is issued by your selected plan to access services.

Who is Eligible?

• Age 18 and older at the time of enrollment; and

• Eligible for full Medicare Parts A, B, and D and full Medicaid; and

• Reside in a MyCare Ohio Region. This includes Southwest Ohio: Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Warren counties.

Who is Not Eligible?

• Individuals under the age of 18

• Individuals who have other third party creditable health care coverage

• Certain individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and other Developmental Disabilities

MyCare Ohio Health Plans

In Southwest Ohio (Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren Counties), you have two MyCare Ohio Health plans to choose from:

Aetna Better Health
Molina Healthcare of Ohio

These health plans have contracts with the Ohio Department of Medicaid to operate in a five county region as part of the MyCare Ohio system.

Click Here to find information on the MyCare Ohio plans for your county. Locate the MyCare Ombudsman for your county.

Enrollment and Disenrollment

• Participation in MyCare Ohio is voluntary for the Medicare portion.

• Individuals can opt-out of the Medicare portion at any time.

• Individuals can also transfer between MyCare Ohio Plans if they opt-in to Medicare on a month-to-month basis.