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Community Education

Pro Seniors is committed to educating older adults and their caregivers about the wide variety of legal and long-term care issues that impact their lives.

Community Legal Education Network (CLEN) Seminars

Pro Seniors offers Community Legal Education Network (CLEN) seminars two times a year to educate professional caregivers. The topics relate specifically to legal issues of concern to the older adult or their professional caregivers. Professionals can earn continuing education units at CLEN seminars.

Our May 22 CLEN Seminar is an update on Institutional Medicaid – this one is especially important if you work in a nursing home business office, administration or social services, or you are otherwise involved in the Medicaid application and re-authorization process for people living in long-term care.

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The fact sheets developed by Pro Seniors attorneys respond to the frequently asked questions on topics that concern seniors, such as Medicare, Medicaid, living wills, Social Security and pensions.  In addition to sharing these in an email following a call to our Legal Helpline, we distribute these fact sheets at health fairs, at community events, at the Governor’s Conference and to senators and representatives for them to give to their constituents.

Speakers and Presentations

Pro Seniors’ speakers have presented to senior support groups, senior centers, church-sponsored senior groups and retired public employees on various topics such as living wills, health care powers of attorney and Medicare.

We are based in Cincinnati, so our legal and ombudsman staff can only present locally. Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) does serve all 88 counties and welcomes your invitation to present about recognizing and avoiding Medicare fraud and medical identity theft.