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Tools for Current Ombudsman Volunteers

Volunteer Reports:

Preparing for a Visit:

Before you visit, please contact your assigned ombudsman staff to ask about any recent activity at the community you visit.

Next, please review the information available online about your assigned long-term care community. Now is a good time to review Resident Rights also.

You may want to make a few notes of what you can observe to determine if cited problems have been resolved or are continuing. Please include your observations in your reports.

Your reports help your ombudsman team to improve quality of care and quality of life for residents in the community you visit. Please promptly complete your online Ombudsman Complaint Report, or complete the online Ombudsman Volunteer Activity Report.

If Nick or your staff ombudsman has asked you to take photos to share with Pro Seniors to promote this volunteer opportunity, please remember to get a signed media release to share along with your photos.

You are truly enriching the lives of people you visit.
We have heard from so many of you how meaningful this experience is. 
Your feedback and reporting are an important part of making a difference.
Thank you! 

Screening for Conflict of Interest

Ohio Administrative Code requires that we obtain a conflict of interest form from each ombudsman annually, or when a new conflict of interest occurs. A conflict of interest may be as simple as a friend being hired by the community that you visit. We disclose and work to remedy any such conflict of interest so that we can continue to provide unbiased assistance to the residents in our region.

Please complete this form upon request from our volunteer coordinator.

You may fax the completed form to 513-345-4164, or scan and email it, or mail it to

Nick Stockburger, Volunteer Coordinator

Pro Seniors

7162 Reading Rd., Suite 1150

Cincinnati, OH 45237

If you have any questions, please contact the Ombudsman Helpline at 513-458-5518.