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Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us
While we traditionally think of seniors when we think of nursing homes, many residents are younger and have significant disabilities. Alan (not his real name) has a traumatic brain injury, which limits his ability to make sound decisions and makes it hard for him to regulate his emotions. He sometimes becomes physically aggressive as a result. Due to his traumatic brain injury, Alan has a court appointed guardian to make his health care decisions.
Jimmy Gillespie, long-term care ombudsman, wanted to share this happy ending because Susie and her staff went above and beyond for the well-being of this resident.
Yesterday afternoon, Alan got into a physical altercation with a nursing home employee and the police were called. Alan was transported by police to the emergency room for evaluation, where he was released and walked out of the ER. Unfortunately, Alan can’t take care of himself on his own, and the temperature was dropping when the facility learned that he was missing about 4pm. Susie Squires, nursing home administrator, made all the appropriate reports. Jen Smith, Admissions/Marketing went looking for Alan, but had no success locating him. Then, Donna Ferguson, receptionist called Susie and stated that George Lipscomb, Floor Tech had spotted Alan at a bus stop. Susie and Donna went out looking for him in their cars, but Alan was nowhere to be found. Susie had been in contact with the ombudsman, who confirmed that she had made all the appropriate reports to the guardian and the Ohio Department of Health.
Susie was very concerned for the resident, knowing that he would not be safe on his own. After driving around for quite a while, Susie spotted Alan at a bus stop. Alan was able to return to his home at Woods Edge Rehab and Nursing, where he is doing well. Above all, Susie expressed relief that he is safely home and gratitude for the ombudsman’s support.
Thank you Susie Squires, George Lipscomb and Donna Ferguson.