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Financial Exploitation Prevention Project

Senior financial abuse, which has been called the “Crime of the 21st Century,” is increasing as our senior population increases. The accumulated wealth of older adults makes them targets for financial abuse, yet seniors at all income levels are being targeted. Seniors are in danger of abuse from family members, business and service professionals, acquaintances, and complete strangers.

Financial abuse often occurs at the same time as other forms of abuse, such as neglect and emotional/psychological abuse. The effects of financial exploitation are staggering: no savings, stress, shame, mental and physical illness and even death.

How We Help

  • Pro Seniors provides legal assistance and representation to seniors who are victims of financial exploitation. If you believe you are a victim, or you believe someone you know may be a victim, please call (513) 345-4160.
  • Pro Seniors also provides educational materials to help vulnerable seniors identify and prevent financial exploitation, as well seek legal assistance in a timely manner.

Call (513) 345-4160 or 1-800-488-6070 if you need help

“All attendees of this presentation would agree this information is most valuable and can help seniors become empowered rather than remain a victim despite the rise in [financial exploitation] crimes.”
~Thank you letter from a church