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Ombudsman Volunteer Report

    Family or Resident Telephone Call Report


    • Fill out a Family/Resident Information Collection report for each conversation (sent via email)
    • Fill out this report for each day you make phone calls.

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    Number of calls reaching & speaking with family/guardian:

    Number of Family Members or Residents reached: (required)

    Scan, or take a photo, of each Checklist.

    Email family Checklist for each conversation to: ombudvol@proseniors.org

    Or, mail a hard copies of Family Checklist to:

    Pro Seniors

    Attn: Volunteer Coordinator

    7162 Reading Road, Suite 1150

    Cincinnati, OH 45237

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    Questions? Leave a voice mail message at 513-458-5520, or call the ombudsman helpline at 513-458-5518.

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