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Ombudsman Volunteer Tools

Ombudsman Volunteer Tools & Updates

Before you visit, please review the information available online about your assigned long-term care community. You may want to make a few notes of what you can observe to determine if cited problems have been resolved or are continuing. These observations can be included in your reports.

Volunteer Hours Invested in 2024

Visits + Presentations + more! 50%

Volunteer Reports:

Your reports help your ombudsman team to improve quality of care and quality of life for residents in the community you visit. Please promptly complete your Ombudsman Complaint Report, or complete the Ombudsman Volunteer Activity Report.

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Upcoming Events


On March 5th we’re gathering on the 10th floor at Pro Seniors’ building for dinner and a presentation from the Alzheimer’s Association. Bring your questions and your appetite! 

See you at 5PM on Tuesday, March 5th. Call Nick for more details 513-458-5514.


Training for new volunteer candidates begins on April …