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Our Former Seniors Who Rock Honorees

What makes a senior a Senior Who Rocks?  Our honorees are people who are at least 70 years old, and they are still active, working or volunteering and adding a value and vibrancy to our community.  They are, in other words, inspirational. 

Below are our former Seniors Who Rock honorees – we think they’re quite inspiring!  Please join us in honoring our 2022 Seniors Who Rock!

2021 Honorees


Deborah Mariner Allsop

Bea V. Larsen

Bob Ramsay

2020 Honorees


Jean Dowell

James Johnson

Barbara Kellar

2019 Honorees


Maralyn Itzkowitz

Tom Cuni

Dolores J. Lindsay

William Deimling



2018 Honorees


Dan Hurley

Marianna Brown Bettman

Don Neyer

Walter T. Oka

2017 Honorees



Alvin H. Crawford

Kathleen M. Brinkman

Marilyn Harris

Ronald J. Pfleghaar

2016 Honorees


Sr. Kathryn Ann Connelly

Jim Scott

Lilly Narusevich

Dee Shaffer

The Honorable Walter H. Rice

Moore and Honorees 7-resized

2015 Honorees


The Honorable Nathaniel Jones

Sr. Rose Ann Fleming

Mary Meinhardt

Marty Brennaman

Honorees and Moore, ED

Thank you for helping us recognize incredible seniors in our community.

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