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Legal Hotline Attorney-Kinsman


Administrative Staff Job Title
Dimity V. Orlet Executive Director
Katie Chisholm Administrative Assistant
Laurie Crothers Controller
Mary Day Development Director
Nona Roberts Intake Specialist
Legal Staff Job Title
Miriam H. Sheline Managing Attorney
Michael A. Walters Helpline Managing Attorney
Susan Ayers Helpline Attorney
Matthew B. Barnes Staff Attorney
Thomas G. Bedall Attorney & IT Manager
Colleen Bulach Helpline Attorney
Karen S. Donnelly Staff Attorney
Joel Deutch Helpline Attorney
Laura L. Drake Helpline Attorney
Elizabeth Hils Staff Attorney
Jeremy Koenemann Staff Attorney
Amy L. Kurlansky Helpline Attorney
John F. Labmeier Helpline Attorney
Adrienne Noble Nacev Helpline Attorney
Michael N. Peck Helpline Attorney
Alexander E. Ramirez Helpline Attorney
Thomas Sauter Helpline Attorney
Vanessa Wernicke Helpline Attorney
Sue Zurface Helpline Attorney
Ombudsman Staff Job Title
Robert L. Vines Managing Ombudsman
Eric Carpenter Ombudsman
James E. Gillespie Ombudsman
Linda Kerdolff Ombudsman Volunteer Coordinator
La’Brea Phelps Ombudsman
LeVon Pressley Ombudsman
Deborah Redell Ombudsman
Robert Schmidt Ombudsman
Marvin D. Wilson Ombudsman
Carolyn King AmeriCorps Ombudsman
Ohio SMP Project Job Title
Anne C. Fredrickson SMP Project Manager
Lisa Dalga SMP Volunteer Support Assistant
Thomas H. Gaumer SMP Volunteer Support Assistant
Geoff Larson SMP Project Associate
Jane E. Winkler SMP Volunteer Coordinator
Mid-America Pension Rights Project Job Title
Gail W. Webb Project Managing Attorney
Rose E. Scollard Pension Rights Attorney

Pro Seniors Board of Trustees

Joshua Goode, President
Michael M. Kennedy, Vice President
Chad S. Levin, Secretary
Thomas R. Meyer, Treasurer
Joseph A. Brant
Simon T. Buchman
Ashley Shannon Burke
Christine A. Buttress
Nancy M. Cassady
Jeffrey Daniher
Joshua R. Hooser
Helen Fanz LeVay
Sandra Jones Mitchell
Esther M. Norton
Candis Smith
Julia Tarvin
Jami Vallandingham
Stanton H. Vollman
Help Fight Fraud: Volunteer!

Help fight Medicare Fraud! To volunteer call 1-800-488-6070 proseniors.orgOhio Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) peer educators volunteer their time and talents to spreading the word about the latest scams that target Medicare beneficiaries.  Share Ohio SMP information at a community health fair, tell your golf buddies how to recognize suspected fraud, or give presentations to groups.  Watch for our billboards across Ohio, and join us as a volunteer.  Learn more here.

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Rhonda Y. Moore Fellowship

Your gift to #CincinnatiGives will help to establish the Rhonda Y. Moore Fellowship, to engage students/recent graduates in hands-on learning with our attorneys, ombudsmen and administrative staff, to continue the important work of Pro Seniors.  Funds raised will provide a stipend to the selected fellow in support of their service hours for Pro Seniors.

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