Celebrating An Exceptional Volunteer

Celebrating An Exceptional Volunteer

In this Holiday season Pro Seniors would like to express our gratitude to Louise, and to all the other wonderful volunteers who selflessly give their time to help Ohio seniors.

Helpline Manager Mike Walters says, “Louise Roselle is legendary in the Cincinnati legal community. She has been a litigator for 45 years, and ‘has spent her life practicing law and still loves what she does.’” 
Walters explains, “Pro Seniors had the immense privilege in August of 2020 of receiving an offer from Louise to volunteer on our Legal Helpline, giving advice to clients about a wide range of legal issues. Since Louise started volunteering for us, she has handled 460 distinct cases, and volunteered a total over 400 hours of time, generously providing our clients the benefit of her expertise and experience.” 

Our clients love Louise: “(V)ery competent and very helpful and generous with (her) time…Ohio Citizens are so fortunate to have access to a resource like Pro Seniors.”

“Thank you so much for the best advice and assistance.”

“I feel very grateful for the advice I was given.” 

Learn how you can #MakeAnImpact as a volunteer.