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Celebrating National #ProBonoWeek

More than half of the 1,279 referrals made to panelists in 2021 were completed on a pro bono or reduced-fee basis! #BridgingTheJusticeGap

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How to Explain Pro Seniors?

Have you ever tried to explain Pro Seniors' services & felt like you might be missing something?  Please feel free to share this brief Pro Seniors overview presentation, which describes our range of services and includes red flags for scams, elder abuse and exploitation.

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Don’t Miss Out: Get Our Quarterly E-News

Keep up with our scheduled seminars, hot topics in elder law and more - SIGN UP for Pro Seniors' e-news.  Pro Seniors' e-news includes information about upcoming seminars, advocacy resources, and related information about our work for Ohio seniors.  Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your name or contact information with…

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Legal Helpline Volunteer Joins Staff

In March attorney Erin Campbell began volunteering on Pro Seniors’ Legal Helpline, knowing she wanted to expand her practical experience of the Medicaid questions that are facing low-income seniors. “The legal issues facing seniors can be terribly complex and hard to understand,” Erin says. “We help people understand their rights and give them concrete ways…

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Inspired by 2022 Seniors Who Rock!

In case you missed Seniors Who Rock 2022 on August 10, here is another chance to learn more about our honorees who inspired us with the words that motivate them to continue making a difference every day. Please support Pro Seniors with a gift in honor of our 2022 Seniors Who Rock Michael M. Kennedy…

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Achieving Excellence in RF2 Homes

Do you work in an RF2 Adult Care home in Southwest Ohio?  Pro Seniors is offering a 2-hour seminar for staff of RF2 Adult Care homes to build skills to Avoid Medicare scams, Stop financial exploitation, Advocate for residents who get their insurance through MyCare Ohio, and Understand the ombudsman role in advocating for residents'…

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Did you miss the Fraud Forum?

If you missed the Consumer Protection Fraud Forum in March, you can listen to the podcast: 2022 Medicare Fraud Forum. Listen to our panel of experts, including representatives from: Office of the Ohio Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Ohio Department of Insurance, Social Security Administration and more! Learn more…

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April 26: Institutional Medicaid Update

Community Legal Education Network:  2022 Institutional Medicaid Update Registration is now closed. SIGN UP for our quarterly updates to receive notice of our next seminar. This seminar includes updates about Institutional Medicaid, including eligibility, Qualified Income Trusts, and much more.  Social Workers, business office staff, administrators, and other long-term care professionals and attorneys will benefit…

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Can You Spot a Scammer?

"Lois" enjoys using social media to connect with the friends she and her husband made around the world during his military career.  She's also made some new friends online. Recently, her friend "Nick" has had some trouble. Nick told Lois that, while traveling for work, his bank account has been frozen due to suspicious activity.…

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Share Compassion: Volunteer

In a few hours a month, you can make a significant difference in the lives of nursing home residents by listening, connecting, and sharing information with them about their rights.  Apply now to join training beginning on Saturday, April 23.  Contact Linda for more information. Assist ombudsman professionals in resolving complex problems in long-term care…

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