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Legal Helpline Volunteer Joins Staff

Legal Helpline Volunteer Joins Staff

In March attorney Erin Campbell began volunteering on Pro Seniors’ Legal Helpline, knowing she wanted to expand her practical experience of the Medicaid questions that are facing low-income seniors.

The legal issues facing seniors can be terribly complex and hard to understand,” Erin says. “We help people understand their rights and give them concrete ways to address their problem or find other appropriate resources.”  

Erin first pursued her study of law with a view to helping clients obtain justice. Upon earning her law degree Erin joined a small litigation firm and invested the next 15 years primarily litigating cases involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Always interested in social justice issues, Erin says, “I enjoyed the chance to practice with many great attorneys who shared my passion.”

When the firm restructured recently, Erin branched out on her own in private practice. Joining several other professionals in a shared office space in Loveland, in a typical week Erin has the best of both working remotely and connecting with others.

A Girl Scout leader, Erin also enjoys bike rides, reading, and learning how to garden with native plants. Erin and husband John have a third grader and sixth grader, and enjoy hiking as a family. Regarding splitting her time between all this, her private law practice, and Pro Seniors, Erin says, “my work for Pro Seniors is fantastic for scheduling”,  and it helps that her kids like to come to mom’s office in Loveland!

Pro Seniors’ Legal Helpline is available by phone appointment at no cost to any Ohioan age 60 or over, or a person calling on their behalf. Erin says, “Most of the seniors I talk with on the Legal Helpline are facing complexities of obtaining Medicaid coverage. I really enjoy it, and the seniors are so grateful for the help we provide. I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Erin notes that at least twice a week callers comment on how grateful they are that Pro Seniors also mails out fact sheets after a Legal Helpline call. These reinforce the advice and may identify other questions for a future call. Erin especially appreciates this support from administrative staff who ensure that Helpline callers can take the next steps following their consultation with the Helpline attorney.

“I want to thank Pro Seniors’ clients for trusting us. We appreciate their trust and do our best for them”, says Erin. Learn more about Pro Seniors’ Legal Helpline services.