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Article Shows How Hotlines Affect Litigation

Article Shows How Hotlines Affect Litigation

Managing hotline attorney Mike Walters has an article in the November CERA Blog, produced by Elder Law of Michigan’s Center for Elder Rights Advocacy, about how hotlines can create impactful litigation.  See the full article from Walters here.

Walters shows how Pro Seniors, because of its effective Legal Hotline, was able to identify the problem – eligible family members being denied services – and clients for the Wheaton vs. McCarthy case. Walters writes, “The task of identifying potential clients was accomplished in a matter of a few months. The same task would have taken much longer if not for our thousands of existing hotline clients.”

The Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in September 2015. As Walters writes, “The Wheaton Court held, in a case of first impression for the Federal courts, that in determining eligibility for Medicare savings programs (MSP), the definition of family must include the non-Medicare eligible resident spouse of the applicant.”

This important case will affect thousands of Ohio’s seniors, and if it hadn’t been for Pro Seniors, it would have taken much longer for justice for these seniors.