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Shop at Remke and Help Pro Seniors

Shop at Remke and Help Pro Seniors

If you shop at Remke Markets, you can now help Pro Seniors while you shop.  You have to register your yellow, Remke loyalty card online.  It’s an easy and quick process and we’ll receive 2% of everything you spend.

How Do I register My Remke Card and Sign Up for The Caring Neighbor Program?

  • Go To
  • On the home page in the upper right hand corner there is a box to either log on to or register your account
  • On that page you will need to input all 12 digits of your Remke card number
  • Enter your name, address, e-mail address, password, etc. There is a drop down box with all of the choices of nonprofit organizations. Choose Pro Seniors.
  • At the bottom of the page click the save button.
  • That’s It! Remke Markets will keep track of the purchases you make with your Remke card and issue a check to Pro Seniors every quarter for up to 2% of your purchases!
  • You will have to re-designate Pro Seniors every year in September.

Consider that each Legal Hotline call costs about $40.  By taking the time to register your Remke card, you can help connect a senior to an attorney just by doing what you normally do – buying milk and bread.  Thank you!