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Tom Bedall is Denis Murphy Award Winner

Tom Bedall is Denis Murphy Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that Tom Bedall has been awarded the Denis Murphy Award from the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation.  The Denis Murphy Award was created in 1998 in honor of Denis J. Murphy, the Foundation’s founding board president, and is given annually to recognize outstanding leadership and advocacy within Ohio’s legal aid societies.  The award will be presented to Tom this fall.

Tom is a skilled and strategic litigator and has practiced before all levels of Ohio courts including several appearances before the Ohio Supreme Court, as well as litigating federal class actions and appeals.  As Pro Seniors’ managing attorney for 19 years, he was responsible for spotting issues and finding clients that would lead to successful federal class action suits, which led to systemic changes at the Ohio Department of Medicaid and Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, positively affecting thousands of Ohioans.

Tom has been a frequent speaker to lawyers, professionals serving seniors and seniors on the topics of Medicaid, Medicare, Nursing Facility Resident Rights, Advanced Directives and DNR, Identity Theft, Consumer/Debtor Rights, and other elder law topics.

Tom has also been a leader in technology innovation for Ohio’s legal aids.  He is considered a national expert in data analysis using Crystal Reports, speaking at numerous seminars and webinars.

Tom’s combination of advanced legal knowledge, technological expertise, genuine willingness to help others and dedication to legal services are unparalleled.  Congratulations for this much-deserved honor.