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Crowd Celebrates Moore’s Retirement

Crowd Celebrates Moore’s Retirement

Rhonda Moore became the executive director of Pro Seniors in January 2001, and Pro Seniors’ total budget that year was about $1,000,000.  The budget for fiscal year 2019 is about $2,400,000.  Today Pro Seniors handles at least 30% more cases and has increased the number of staff significantly.

On Wednesday, February 20th, a crowd gathered to thank Moore for her leadership of Pro Seniors. 

Josh Goode, president of Pro Seniors’ board of trustees, explained that Moore provided steady financial stewardship and a high standard for excellence in programs and services during her tenure as executive director. 

“Perhaps Rhonda’s biggest accomplishment is enhancing Pro Seniors’ visibility as a leader in advocacy for seniors,” Goode said, citing the statewide Legal Needs Survey that Pro Seniors did in partnership with AARP Ohio to better understand the legal challenges faced by Ohio seniors and the Ohio MAPS (Model Approaches Partnership for Seniors) Project to enhance collaboration to better meet the legal needs of Ohio’s seniors.

Under Moore’s leadership, Pro Seniors excelled in impact litigation.  The staff litigated several cases that brought about significant change for Ohio seniors, including low-income seniors and veterans.  Moore also expanded Pro Seniors’ mission by adding the Pension Rights Project, Ohio SMP and a financial exploitation prevention focus.

Controller Laurie Crothers, speaking on behalf of the staff, said, “I know she has changed me and Pro Seniors for the better.  Thank you, Rhonda, for your excellent leadership.”