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Thank You to our Supporters!

Thank You to our Supporters!

Thank You!

Love, love, love.  We can feel in the air.  This May, you helped us thank the special people in our lives, who have provided consistent faithfulness and a sense of security.  Thank you for including tributes with your spring gifts.  You thanked your loved ones and extended a loving hand to those in need in our community by providing legal advice and advocacy.  Thank you!

Gifts in Honor of:

Brittany Ballard
Brigitte Foley

Tom Bedall
Mary Asbury and Robert Newman

Ashley Burke
Melissa Shannon
Philip and Nancy Shepardson

Christine Buttress
Richard and Madeleine LaJeunesse

Don Fowls’ 90th Birthday
Christine Buttress

Maude Griffith

Bill Hambley (Congratulations on an exceptional career and impact!)
Mary Day
Gayle Linkletter
Cindy Marsland
Mary Meinhardt
Janet Pecquet

Chad Levin
Jerome Goodman

The Honorable Robert L. Marrs (“He took me off the streets and made me a judge – respected by the whole community.  He was a wonderful man!”)
Henry J. Bruewer

Mary Meinhardt
Dawn and Jim Yunker

Rhonda Moore
Michael and Linda Hirschfeld
Mike and Mary Miller

Sally Moore

Jan Poderys

Ken Scheidt

Rose Scollard
Susan and Jeff Harris Family Fund

Dorothy Stasa
Alan Stasa

Doug and Stephanie Thomson
Elizabeth Marmet

Lance and Cindy Walker
Alexis Scott

Mike Walters, an amazing Pro Seniors attorney
Alan Stasa

Jane Winkler
Steve Mombach

Jim Yunker
Michael R. Miller

Gifts in Memory of:

James Ahlrichs
Susan Ahlrichs

Joe Cleves, Sr.
Joe Cleves

Mary Ellen Cosgrove
Bonnie and Tim Albers
Janet Pecquet
Philip and Nancy Shepardson

Mary Lee Davis
Robert L. Davis

Julia S. Fink

George and Jessie Hopper
Kevin J. Hopper

Dominick Iannaci
Margaret J. Iannaci

Dorothy F. Keller
Dennis and Chris Keller
Mary Meinhardt

Dave Kleinfelter
Diane Kleinfelter Ashworth

Lothar Kreppel
Rhonda Moore and Tom Bedall
Jim and Dawn Yunker

David Lazarus
Gregory Delev

George Meinhardt
Joe and Ellie Linz
Bob and Julie Mahoney
Grace J. Pedoto
Alan and Judy Schmidt

Bob Moore
Yvonne Moore

Arthur M. Ney, Jr.
Peter C. Ney

Betty Bailey Ralston
Mary Ann Raymond

Regina Scollard
Anne Fredrickson

Herbert Seilkop
Sandy Lingo

Jack Shannon

Albert and Hilda Sicking
Albert G. Sicking, Jr.

Harry and Marietta St. John
Jeff and Susie Shoskin

Dorothy Stasa
Alan Stasa and Mark Kearns

George Streckfuss
Norbert Nadel

Evelyn Vines
John Vines

Tom and Diane Adamec
Joy and Frank Albi
Liz and Hank Alexander
Lewis Alley
Kay Atkins
Jeffrey S. Bakst
Brittany Ballard and Jeff Reynolds
C. Francis Barrett
Jim and Joyce Beckenhaupt
Melvin and Kathleen Bedree
Marianna Bettman
Steve Black
Linda S. Bolin
Robert E. Brant
Thomas J. Breed
Bridget and Tom Breitenbach
Lawrence J. Brokamp
Robert W. Buechner
Elizabeth A. Burick LPA
Ashley Shannon Burke
Don and Sue Bushman
Christine A. Buttress
Thomas S. Calder
Bonnie Camden
Harry & Natalie Cappel
Nancy and Peter Cassady
Christine Cho
Ron and Vicki Christian
Tiffany Reece Clark
Ralph and Joan Crawford
Inez P. Clayton
Crane Fund for Widows and Children
Robert Cropper
Steven and Donna Dauterman
Norma Holt Davis, Esq.
Mike and Lisa Debbeler
Connie Dettmer
Nick Dietrich
Larry and Karen Drake
Emilie and David Dressler Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Dianne Dunkelman, Clever Crazes for Kids
Brenda N. Dunlap
Evelyn W. Dunn Charitable Trust
Dunsker Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
John W. Eilers
Stanley I. Eyman
David and Toni Eyrich
Ray Faller
Renee Filiatraut and John Williams
John and Barbara Fillion
Bob and Mary Finn
Donald Fisher
Leo and Edna Ford
Kathy Franks
Laura and Chuck Fredrick
Jill and Jack Fuchs
Flynn & Company, Inc.
Kathleen A. Furlong and James T. Walker
Michael B. Ganson
J. Neal Gardner
GE Foundation
Teresa Geiser
Anthony J. Gertz
Ralph P. Ginocchio
Steven and Shelley Goldstein
Joshua Goode
Henrietta Goolsby
Drew Gores
Jim and Kathy Grady
Ronald and Cynthia Gramke
Linda Graviss
Donald E. Grigsby
Diana Grover
Herbert J. Haas
Hall & Wylkan, Certified Elder Law Attorneys
Michael and Elaine Hall
Marlene Hamilton
Art Hatcher
John L. Heilbrun
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hemminger Fund
Mary Henkel
Mary Hery
Ray and Patti Herzog
Roderick Hinton
David and Deborah Horn
Barbara J. Howard
Harvey C. Hubbell Trust
Robert and Marcella Hudson
Stephen R. Hunt
The Hunters
Catherine Ramirez Hussey
Nancy A. Inskeep
Mary Ann Jacobs
Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.
James L. Johnson, Esq.
Honorable Nathaniel R. Jones
Michael S. Kearns
Thomas and Sally Keller
Michael M. Kennedy
Eugene R. King
Cecilia and Tom Kloecker
Thomas J. Kluener
Scott Knox
Monica and Ralph Kohnen
Ronald and Mary Ann Koncal
Anne E. Krehbiel
Ron and Patricia Kreinbrink
Lothar and Maria Kreppel
Carl Kuhn
George and Marj Lawson
Joan and Frank Lenkerd
Helen and Joe LeVay
Chad Levin
David Lichtenfeld
Judith W. Lindner
David and Margaret Lopez Charitable Gift Account
John P. Lowry
Marlene Penny Manes Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati
Mary-Morse Matthews
Anne M. Maxfield
Elizabeth N. McClain
Timothy McKenna
The Medicare Plan Store
Mary Meinhardt
Don and Judy Mellott
John and Julie Mellott
Mellott & Mellott, PLL, CPAs
Mary Carol and John Melton
John and Mary Metz
Thomas R. Meyer
Tamara Miano
Mary and Steve Minnis
Michael J. Mooney
Rhonda Moore and Tom Bedall
Marjorie Motch
Helen Nead
Newman and Asbury Gift Fund
Niehaus Law Office, LLC
North Side Bank & Trust Co.
Esther Norton
Kristine S. O’Brien
Judge John P. O’Connor
Edward R. O’Donnell
Steve Olden
Jim and Carol O’Reilly
R. Joseph Parker
Parks and Meade, LLC
Chris and Gail Perrino
Raymond and Christine Pikna
John Pinney and Lyn Marsteller
Valerie Ratchford
Bill and Margie Rellar
Remke Caring Neighbor Program
Nelson and Laurie Rennekamp
Margaret B. Rentz
Rhinegeist Brewery
Brewster Rhoads
Fredric J. Robbins
Clifford A. Roe, Jr.
Louise M. Roselle
Terri Rubins
Suzanne C. Ruehr
Mary Rust
Majid and Suzanne Samarghandi
Michael G. Schwartz
Diana Sehlhorst
Jane and Kevin Shea
Mardee Sherman
Andrew M. and Sally R. Shott
Beth I. Silverman & Associates LLC
Edith L. Smith
John A. Smith
Special Care for Older Adults, LLC
Howard A. Stafford
John S. Stith
Sheldon Strand
Harry S. Sudman
James Swisher
Greg and Donna Tarvin
Julie Tarvin
Techsoft Systems, Inc.
Lisa Tenbarge
Theresa Tesno
Andy and Barb Thatcher
Kevin and Connie Tracy
Jack Tucker
Jami Vallandingham
Rosalie P. Van Nuis
Mary Jane Wagner
Christopher and Gina Watkins
Barbara G. Watts
Gail and Gary Webb
Jay and Kathryn Wertz
Paul Westbrock
David Westrich
Susan E. Wheatley
Chris and Kristen Wheeler
Julian and Michele Wilkison
Clemon Williams, Jr.
Michael R. Yeazell
Don Yelton and Ann Saluke
Judy and Martin Young
Elizabeth Zak
Juliet Zavon
The Zimmer Law Firm, LLC

We sincerely thank you for your generous cash gifts that were received by Pro Seniors between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018.  We have made every effort to make sure this list is complete and correct.  If we have made an error, please contact us at (513) 458-5525. Thank you so much for your support!