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Volunteer Hils: Almost 200 Hours in 2016

Volunteer Hils: Almost 200 Hours in 2016

Once a week, Elizabeth Hils helps clients on Pro Seniors’ Legal Hotline, answering questions about Medicaid, consumer debt, Social Security, and loads of other elder law issues. And she does it all for free, as a volunteer.

In 2016, Elizabeth volunteered for 173.5 hours at Pro Seniors. While her volunteer work does help Elizabeth satisfy her continuing legal education requirement, only 36 hours can count, so the rest is simply because she loves the work. She says, “Volunteering at Pro Seniors has made me a better person— more patient, humble, and eager to serve.”

A graduate of Notre Dame Law School and an avid writer, Elizabeth believes her experience as a consumer finance attorney has helped in addressing issues with callers on the Hotline. She adds, “The training provided by the Pro Seniors’ staff is invaluable. Most Cincinnati attorneys know about the wonderful contributions Pro Seniors has made to the community and the legal profession. My experience has been terrific.”

We thank Elizabeth for her extraordinary commitment to Pro Seniors and to helping older people access justice.

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